Five things I miss from my pre-mom life

Having a baby is one of the best things that can happen to any woman. But, I have to admit, there were some things I missed from my pre-mom life.

1. Waking up whenever I want 

I didn't know that waking-up- whenever-I-want would become a thing of the past. Now-a-days my daughter wakes up first, hits me on my face, waking me up, and gives me a dazzling smile, which makes my day. Still... It is her decision, not mine, when the day should begin. The same goes for sleeping too.

2. Eating leisurely

The moment I sit down to eat, she takes it as a cue and begins crying for me. I hurriedly gobble the food down, pick her up, and as usual, she starts ignoring me.

3. Going out without having to pack

Before having a baby, if we had to go out for lunch or dinner, we would decide on the place at the last minute and set off. Now, it’s a usually a big task that involves choosing a kid friendly place (read which has high chairs, open space, and friendly waiters) , packing the diaper bag (which contains extra diapers, extra wipes, extra food, extra clothes), dressing my daughter in nice clothes, and setting off only in a car even if the restaurant is at the corner. Even then we have to come back before it is bed time of the kid.

4. Watching a movie

May be I should write watching a movie leisurely, because now I’m watching movies atleast. But it’s more like stealing glances at the big screen while trying to hold down a screaming toddler.

5. Being ambitious about a career

Not that I was too ambitious before having a baby, but the thought of a high-flying career while looking after a toddler simply scares me now. Not everyone feels like that, obviously, but I’m sure women do have a tough time balancing work and life especially after having a baby.

There are lot of other things that change too, like the constant worry about her health, about the milestones she has to reach, and about her food. It’s like a separate thread runs in my mind— the child thread.

Isn't it amazing, how much our life changes after having a baby? What are the things that changed in you after becoming a mother?

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  1. Great post! Though I am not a parent, I know life isn't the same with a child at home. Soon, she will grow up and then you can have a little relaxed time for yourself. :)