When Only Love Remains : Afterthoughts

I have an annoying habit of feeling characters of a book as real. After reading a book, they stay with me for a long time even after finishing the book. Usually some thought or character in the book influences me in a strong way. In this series titled ‘After thoughts’ I'm trying to include the afterthoughts after reading books.

In this book “When only love remains” by Durjoy Datta, the author wrote an awesome passage “Over these conversations with herself, she has realized why people believe in a soul. It’s because they have to for they have no other choice. It’s hard to bear that all the conversations, all the memories you had with your parents, with your sisters, with the person you loved were burnt or buried, snuffed out of life.”

Is soul just a concept we invented so that we could move on easily? Yes, it’s true, letting go of a person is never easy. It’s hard to believe that they’re not missing us the way we’re missing them or that they’ve moved on while we’re still stuck on earth. The idea that they’re still around us, invisible, and feeling the same pain we’re feeling is a most comfortable thought. I’d rather believe in a soul than believe that a person is just a pile of ashes after death. Kudos to the author, for expressing it so beautifully. 

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