Never tell lies

My dad told me, never tell lies,
You’ll become a liar in people’s eyes,
Speaking truth makes you a winner,
And lying makes you a sinner.

One day his boss came,
Wearing socks that smelled like a drain,
What’s that awful smell, I asked,
And earned a reproving glance from dad.

I should have given up on truth at once,
But did the mistake of giving it another chance,
The next day at school my teacher asked,
Why I always get such low marks.

I answered her sincerely,
That my mom does my homework daily,
For which I earned detention,
And hung my head in humiliation.

That night I spent a long time pondering,
Whether it was possible to shun lying,
I remembered the day dad called in sick,
And we all went for a picnic.

Then I understood that it was no fault of mine,
Even elders break rules all the time,
‘Never tell lies’ was just another ideal,
Following it always was an ordeal.

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