A weekend in the life of a stay at home mom

Today is a weekend. Hurray! I get up in the morning, brimming with positive energy. Today's going to be the day, I promise myself. Today, finally, I'll be able to clean and organise kitchen, tackle the overflowing laundry, wash and iron clothes, clear the dust that's piling up on all the appliances, and make something healthy and tasty for my daughter. This is my to-do list for the weekend. Oh! I forgot to add: clean the store room. You might think why a stay-at-home needs a weekend to clean. That's a different story altogether. Trust me, weekdays pass by in a blur!

I start with the kitchen. Lately, I've been spending a lot of time here. It's better to keep it organised. I look around me. Hmm.. There's a lot of work to do. Then I see the laptop on the table. It's been a long time since I spent an hour browsing on internet. So, I leave the kitchen, thinking that I have a whole day ahead of me. I open Facebook and time just flies by. By the time I close it, it's 8 AM already. And right one cue, I hear my daughter wailing for me. Why can't she sleep for one extra hour on weekends? I hurry towards her and feed her. Done! I think of switching on the laptop again, but remember breakfast. Making a healthy breakfast is on my to-do list, anyway. I scour the kitchen for the ingredients. While my husband takes care of my daughter, I prepare the breakfast, taking more time than usual, since it is supposed to be new and tasty. 10 AM. Triumphantly, I place her new breakfast before her and start eating my own share of breakfast. She eyes my plate eagerly, looks at her own plate, and in a second, dumps it on the floor and starts crying for my food. What did she just do? My whole effort is lying on the floor. However, I have no choice. I feed her from my plate and she eats it happily.

It's 11 AM. I think of starting the cleaning activity I had planned earlier, and start with the kitchen. While I start scrubbing the kitchen surface, my daughter starts wailing again. She hates being unclean. It's her bath time. I exasperatedly throw the towel and pick her up for a bath when my husband good-naturedly offers to bathe her himself. I thank him and resume scrubbing the surface. There are shelves to be dusted, cleaned and organised. I think of finishing organising before cooking lunch when I hear my daughter wailing again. My husband is looking at me confused. But, I understand. It's her nap time and she wants me to sing her lullaby. I bounce her, rock her, sing her lullaby and by the time she is sleeping, it's already 12 PM. Oh no! She'll get up in an hour or two for lunch. I finish cleaning in a hurry without bothering to go anywhere near shelves and start cooking lunch. By the time I'm finished, it's 1 PM, and I 'm completely exhausted.

Now the ritual begins. I feed her. We feed ourselves. And then we play with her. By 3 PM both of us are exhausted. We look at her with a hope that she'll take a nap, thereby allowing us to take a nap. It's a weekend. We deserve a nap at least. But no, she is full of energy. She plays and plays until we wilt. It's 4:30 PM by the time sleeps and we quickly grab the opportunity to take a nap ourselves. I sleepily think of cleaning the home when I get up. All of us get up after a refreshing nap, and it’s 6 PM.

Oh no, it's already dark outside. Surprisingly, we're hungry. Why god? What happened to all the food we ate in the afternoon? Why should we eat food so many times in a day? There’s no way I could work when I’m hungry. My husband suggests having snacks before starting work. And it's good to get some outside air in the evening. So, the three of us go for a stroll to the nearby snack corner. We eat snacks, have fun and come back. It's 7:30 PM. Time for dinner.

She's not allowed to eat outside. So while we had snacks, she didn't have anything.I prepare dinner for her and then feed her. It's 8 30. I’m exhausted. You might be surprised. I myself told you that we ate snacks in the evening. But you don’t know that feeding her dinner is an exercise in itself which involves running after her. So, don’t judge me. I feel exhausted by the time she finishes. I collapse into the easy chair, remembering what I promised myself in the morning. I can't let another weekend be wasted like this.  My husband, understanding my inner turmoil, reassures me that there will be lot of time to clean after she sleeps. ‘She'll anyway not allow us to work in peace,’ he tells me. We play with her, have a little supper, and try to put her in bed by 10 PM. She jumps around, scatters all her toys, and by the time she sleeps it's 11 30 PM. Inadvertently, we too sleep beside her.

Things I planned to do:

1. Clean and organise kitchen
2. Tackle the laundry
3. Wash and iron clothes
4. Clear the dust that's piling up on all appliances
5. Make something healthy and tasty for my daughter
6. Clean the store room

Things done:

1. Cleaned kitchen a little and made new breakfast for my daughter.

I resolve to complete the rest of the list tomorrow.

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