The world is full of 'Attitude'

Today morning, I saw the following post from a page admin in facebook to all the followers:

"People who are not actively following this page can kindly unlike the page so that we will know the exact number of followers of the page"

I was appalled. Really! In the first place, people who are not active on facebook would most likely miss the post since they are not 'active'. It's obvious that the post is directed towards the regular readers. It was an indirect way of begging readers to like the posts, but it was full of 'attitude' or more accurately 'arrogance'.

I don't want to go into the details of which page, when, how etc. I had happily 'unliked' the page.

Now-a-days I am encountering attitude everywhere.

When you ask a vendor if the vegetables are fresh, he shows his attitude: 'Take it or leave it amma. You won't get this quality everywhere.' When you go to a five star resort full of foreigners, the staff show their attitude, even though you are paying the same amount as the foreigners. When you approach a playschool and ask them to reduce the fee, the manager shows his attitude: 'This is the best playschool in the city, madam. We already have a waiting list. You should pay the full amount regardless of the age or number of hours'. An intelligent employee shows his 'attitude' to his boss: 'I work like this only, at my own pace. If you don't like it, I'll resign.'

Ironically, we have tuned ourselves to believe people who show attitude. We buy vegetables from that vendor only, we go to the same resort everytime, and we join our kids in that playschool only. The more the attitude, the better.

Why did people suddenly forget the word 'humility'? When is this going to change?

A few years back, parents used to teach their kids to be humble. "No matter how much you grow, you should never forget your humble beginnings" was taught to me. Kids used to respect elders, shopkeepers used to respect customers, employees used to respect employers. All that has changed. 'Attitude' is the buzz word right now. 'Humble' almost became synonymous to 'weak'. Even the movies are portraying arrogance as heroism. Heroines are shown as falling for arrogant guys. Is this what we want to teach our next generation? That arrogance equals heroism?


  1. Well put....These kind of incidents really bother...sometimes we have to become arrogant to make our point...!!!! Isn't that sad...!??

    1. Yes Prasanthi.. Arrogance is now viewed as self confidence.. so it is sometimes becoming necessary for us to be arrogant..