Review: The One You Cannot Have by Preeti Shenoy

Finished it! In four hours! It's a short book, and a good read. My rating 3/5. And here's the review of Preeti Shenoy's book 'The one you cannot have' :

The main theme of the book is 'Everyone will always have the one you cannot have.' The author conveyed her point well. The book talks about acceptance of your past and moving on. The plot is a no-brainer. Anyone can guess it from the title. Aman, a north indian, and Shruthi, a south indian, are star-crossed lovers. After four years of togetherness, they believe that nothing is going to stop them from getting married. However, fate interferes in a cruel way and Shruti is married to a another guy, Rishabh, from her own community. Even after two years, Aman and Shruti struggle with the ghosts of their pasts. It affects Shruti's marital life and Aman finds it difficult to commit himself into another relationship. How they found acceptance of their past and moved on is the rest of the story.

The story moves at a brisk pace. The shifting of perspectives at the beginning of each chapter, a technique every author is employing these days, helped me understand them well.The characters of Shruti and Aman are excellently developed. Their love truly appeared magical. Until the last page, I hoped they would get together again, and once again the magic would happen. I particularly like Shruti's narration. I would often find myself skipping Anjali's part. It's not that her part was boring,but Shruti's was interesting.

Moving on, there are loose ends in the story. Like the story of Vikram and Dipika. What happened to them? And why did the author introduce the subplot in the story when she didn't want to give it a proper closure? Is Dipika's character introduced to show us how bitter marriages can become and how it would drive the women to extremes? The other complaint I have is that the author drilled into reader's mind that marriages become boring after some years. She should have shown atleast one happy couple. It's a pretty depressing thought.

I felt that the ending was abrupt. How did Shruti and Rishabh reconcile? I know she wrote an epilogue, but I felt it was insufficient since we invested so much time on them.

The major complaint I have is why are mothers always shown as pestering? About baby, marriage or otherwise? The author tried to show it as affection, but frankly it was repetitive.

Well, those are some of my thoughts. If you want to read a good story of acceptance and moving on, without worrying about the fate of other characters, then this is the book. I would have given it 4 stars if the story was a bit more well developed without loose ends. 

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  1. Preeti Shenoy is kinda expert in writing about relationships and is best at expressing emotions. While reading her books you feel that something like this has happened to you at some point of your life. Well I don't know about you all but I do feel this way. Her last book "Life is what you make it" helped me to understand my friend's pain and agony and this book has helped me in a way to move on.
    Those of you who have ever fallen in love would definitely love this book. It gives you hope that no matter what happens you will find your soul mate or you will find a friend for lifetime.
    It tells you that no matter what it's best to tell your partner everything, try not to keep secrets because if you have got secrets in your past then they will be coming soon to haunt you in your future.
    Extra bonus of the book is the free relationship advises from Shenoy which actually help you. Trust ,me on that I have tried them and they actually works.
    But on the flip side some of you might get irritated while reading the book as Preeti Shenoy has written this book through three main characters- Anjali, Aman and Shruti. You are left hanging in between, sometimes there is no co-relation to the things happening. Something which is happening in Shruti's life now will be happening very late in Aman life. So in a way timeline do get disrupted.
    But if you leave that thing apart, its an amazing book.
    So all those of you who are with broken hearts or are in the bubble of love, go and get the book and read it. Who knows may be you know something new in love which might actually help you.