The joy of rereading novels

Reading old novels again and again is a kind of comfort, isn't it?

We need not guess the story, so there's no tension involved.

We can read it at our own pace, so we need not stay up all night just to know the end.

The characters feel familiar, so it is like remembering old times and talking to old friends.

We tend to concentrate more on each word, so there's a good chance we'll add a new word to our vocab.

Sometimes I miss the depth of meaning of some sentences in a hurry to finish the book, which I understand in one of the rereads.

Some books I reread all the time:

Harry potter series ( I know it's childish of me to read them even now, but I can't help it! Those are the books I first fell in love with as a kid. It's like when you are flipping the channels you suddenly see Tom and Jerry and stop there, just to enjoy it one more time even though it appears childish )

To kill a mocking bird ( It's such a comfort read. Changes your mood when you are low)

Wuthering heights ( It's supposed to be a classic love story, but I don't find love in it. However, there's something in the book that makes me reread it again and again )

Shopaholic series ( It's a chick lit series, but it uplifts my mood instantly )

Bridget Jones diary ( Another chick lit. But the humor is so natural that I tend to laugh out loud everytime I read it )

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Adventures of Huckleberry finn ( Another set of children books, but I love them )

Great Expectations ( A long read, but a good read )

The time traveler's wife ( A sweet love story )

All Sherlock Holmes novels ( I simply love the character of Holmes ) 

A lot of books get added to the list for I tend to reread books a lot. So, what are your favorites? 


  1. glad i found someone like me.
    i usually read two books at a time , one fresh and the other one already read.
    i am currently re reading harry potter and the goblet of fire ( am re-reading hp series 3rd time :D) . while fresh one am reading Prozac nation.

  2. Thanks Anshu :) I too read two books at the same time. When I am in no mood to read the new book, I find reading old books very comforting.

  3. I am a slow reader - so I devote my (limited) opportunity to new books, mostly. But I should try re(reading) some old books. Or at least some books by authors whom I loved back in college - Sidney Sheldon, Michael Creighton, Arthur Haley, etc.

    BTW, I have read your book reviews and they are interesting. I have written a short novella - "The Archers Revenge". If you want to read/review it, just let me know via the Contact Form of my blog. I'll send it over to you. I am looking for some frank reviews so that I can write better, in the future.

    1. You should definitely try rereading novels! Trust me, you'll enjoy it more than reading new novels.