Review: Love Story by Erich Segal

This is one of the books I’ve always wanted to read but couldn’t due to various reasons. However, yesterday, I’ve decided that I would give it a shot. It’s Saturday, I had nothing better to do, and I was in one of those rare moods to tolerate a romantic love story (After child birth, I started considering myself as a mature woman, so it’s been increasingly becoming difficult for me to tolerate gooey romantic stuff that I used to enjoy as a teenager. I hope it is just a phase).

I wasn’t expecting anything great. After all it was written long back, and I probably couldn’t relate to the story anymore. But I was wrong. I was absorbed into the story from page one. Having seen several Bollywood and Tollywood movies with the same outline, the story did not appear as anything new. But it had its charm. It was a short read, and when it was over, I felt bad, wanting to read more.

Plot (Contains Spoilers): The story was told and retold in so many ways that it appears old now. A rich boy (Oliver) falls for a poor girl (Jenny). His parents don’t like that so he severs all ties with his father for Jenny. He studies law while she earns for a living. He becomes a top lawyer, and when everything looks fine, tragedy intervenes. Oliver discovers that Jenny has Leukaemia in advanced stage. She’s going to die. The doctors try but fail to save her. And so, the story ends on a tragic note.

I loved the quick-witted responses of Jennifer. She’s strong even when facing death. I loved Oliver. He’s any woman’s dream lover. To be able to leave everything for the one you love is no mean task. Every woman deserves a husband like that.
I would give 5/5 stars, just for the evergreen story. 

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