So, what next?

When someone asks the question, ‘So, what next?’, there are some people who answer ‘I’m doing my masters right now. I plan to become manager in the next two years and start my own company in the next ten years’ and some people who answer ‘Ummm… Not sure.’
While the first category are termed as confident, the second category are called ‘aimless’.  Is it necessary for a person to plan everything ahead of time to be termed as confident and successful? What if a person is content with living one day at a time? Aren’t such people confident? Aren’t they ‘living’?

One idea that is gripping every person these days, thanks to the self-help books, is that ‘Every person should have a goal in his life’. Every person should be able to know what he’s planning to do in the next ten years, or for that matter, rest of their life. They should plan pension, children’s savings, insurances, everything, far ahead of time. Sometimes, I’m gripped by the thought that we are forgetting ‘living’ in this ‘planning’. Isn’t ‘living’ the most important goal of life?

I haven’t seen much life, may be, but one thing I understood from life is that it’s unpredictable. It can change in a second. I’m probably being pessimistic here, but what’s use of planning in such a unpredictable life?

As adults, we forget how unpredictable life can be, and we pose the same question to our children. What next? Why can’t we pass on somewhat carefree attitude to our next generation? Life is not a competition. We need not set goals every second. If someone fails tenth grade, that’s okay. If someone fails in their love, that’s okay too. There’s a lot of life ahead to rectify our ‘mistakes’. Every second gives us a chance to make a fresh start. Live a little. Make mistakes. Enjoy last minute decisions. After all, why should take life so seriously when we don’t know what’s going to happen the next minute? The most important thing is ‘living’.

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