Recurring themes in Hindi soaps

I have been spending a lot of time at home, so I too finally fell into the habit of watching Hindi soaps. At first I found them very interesting. But then, after watching them for almost six months now, I found a few recurring themes in all of them.

1. Heroine/Hero is shot by the villain (preferably by lady villain). We wait with nail-biting tension as he/she is admitted in the hospital. The doctor removes his spectacles gravely and says that it's very difficult to save him/her and the 'condition is serious'. All the family members cry. We are shown the 'flash backs' of happier times. Miraculously, 'Matarani ki krupa se' he/she is saved. Covers 20 episodes.

2. One of the family members is kidnapped (again by this lady villain). Heroine (not hero) goes and rescues him/her. Easily covers 15 episodes.

3. We come to know that hero is not actually a true member of the family. He is either an orphan adopted by the family, or son of the villain or something. Hero feels betrayed. We too can’t believe the truth. We watch him go through the agony of deciding whether he should leave the family or not. We feel bad. At last he’s convinced that the family is his true family. We sigh in relief. Everything is lovey dovey. The topic is not even mentioned afterwards even though we watched his agony for 20 episodes.

4. When there is nothing interesting going on, the family (usually a very large joint family) celebrates the upcoming festival with songs and dance. If there are no festivals coming up, they celebrate the marriage day or birthday (they plan a surprise party) of one of the family members. This will cover five episodes. That means the larger the family, the greater the number of episodes covered in terms of each person’s birthday.

5. If even birthdays are also not possible, we can always see the romance of hero and heroine with some latest Hindi song like ‘Tum hi ho’ playing in the background.

6. Alok Nath is nothing compared to the ‘bahus’ in Hindi serials when it comes to ‘Sanskaar’. The ‘Sanskaari bahus’ spend half of their time giving aartis to ‘bhagvan’ and other half adjusting their ‘goonghat’ and cooking in the kitchen.

These common themes make it easier for any person to follow the soap from the middle. And even if you missed some 20 episodes, you need not worry. You can always understand what’s happening in a jiffy. 

Well, all the above points cannot stop me from watching the soaps. Because, now I came to know, it is a kind of addiction.

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