Before and After Marriage

Before marriage:
Husband: Aaah! At last… I can hardly wait!
Wife: Do you want me to leave?
Husband: No! Don’t even think about it !
Wife: Do you love me?
Husband: Of course! Always have and always will!
Wife: Have you ever cheated on me?
Husband: No! Why are you even asking?
Wife: Will you kiss me?
Husband: Every chance I get!
Wife: Will you hit me?
Husband: Hell no! Are you crazy?
Wife: Can I trust you?
Husband: Yes!
Wife: Darling!
After Marriage:
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Lol! That’s hilarious. Just saw it in fb. Really, do men change so much after marriage? I often hear people complaining that before marriage their husbands used to gift them chocolates everyday, take them to movies and dates, but after marriage they completely changed. That’s not the case with me (meaning Sarath never gifted me chocolates, not even before marriage. He always preferred to keep my expectations low. :P ), but is it yours?


  1. enti akka nuv mari nuuu bava ni ila allari cheyatam em baledu... chocolates isthe ne health padaipotundi ani icchi undadu a bava!!!??? :p :p

  2. Naku antha istam ledani ivvaledra !!