Thirteen reasons why

It has been a long time since I wrote a book review. Now I'm back with another moving(and rather disturbing) book-Thirteen reasons why.

The book starts with Clay Jenson picking up an unknown package addressed to him. In that package, he finds seven loose audio tapes with numbers on them. He starts listening to them. He jumps in disbelief when he hears Hannah's voice in the tape, because Hannah was supposed to dead. In those tapes, Hannah tells the world the thirteen reasons that had driven to commit suicide. Clay later comes to know that Hannah recorded those tapes as a punishment to the people who she thought were responsible for driving her to the extreme measure. She also made sure the tapes will be passed from one person to the next,  among all the responsible people, after her death.

That's an interesting premise for a book. Hannah gave thirteen reasons, some of which looked silly, and some of which were serious. But at the end, I really felt sorry for her. If only she'd waited for another year, life would have been different for her. What she didn't realise was - life doesn't end at high school, or college or anything. Life has to move on! The book gave me a good insight into the teenagers' mind, how they behave so self-centered, and how they blow every small problem out of proportion.

The book never promised a happy ending. We knew that Hannah died right from the start. But it ended on a hopeful note - when clay decides to reach out to skye.

The book had several hidden messages,but the most important one was: You never know how your actions affect others. So be careful! Often we see people spreading rumours and gossip without any concern for the involved persons' feelings. I always hated that but after reading this book, I hate the rumour mongers even more. Sometimes, we see a person who we know clearly needs someone's help. We can sense that he/she is lonely. But we ignore them, thinking that it's none of our business. May be if we reach out to the person at the right time, we can prevent atleast some suicides.

Books which make us think, and which are capable of bringing a change in the person's thought process are rare. This book made me think. So, I highly recommend it!

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